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AEC Teknoloji is working to offer the best and trustable solutions to internet, multimedia, custom software projects, architectural and engineering markets since 1989.

AEC Teknoloji has been awarded with the "Best Solution Partner" by Apple Computer and, "Best Creative Solution" award by Oracle Corporation at 1999.

Building Mechanical Plant AEC Teknoloji is the reseller of Bentley since 1996.

Bentley SELECT AEC Teknoloji also offer the high quality training services and certificates the attendees with "International Bentley Institute Certificate".

Bentley Enterprise Developer AEC Teknoloji is also the Software Developer of Bentley Software products.

Oracle Solution Partner AEC Teknoloji is an Oracle Solution Partner.

Oracle Çözüm Ortağı  AEC Teknoloji is enterprise developer (extension) of QuarkXPress.

Advanced Technologies
Web Design
A different look to web design...
E-Commerce Software Solutions
Unlimited e-commerce applications...
Navigate in 3D using Acrobat Reader...
Architectural Visualization
Meet visualizations beyond reality...
Magazines are on your hands in your computer...

Software Solutions
The only CAD solution that meets your need on a single drawing platform...
Bentley Architecture
The best architectural software that thinking like an architect you can buy in the world...
Generative Components
Most advanced parametric software for architects thinking in parametrically...
Plant Design and Engineering
The easiest way to design mechanical systems...



AEC Teknoloji - The Best Creative Application Award
Year 1999, AEC was awarded by Oracle with "The Best Creative Application".

AEC Teknoloji - The Best Solution Partner Award
Year 1994, AEC was awarded by Apple Computer with "The Best Solution Partner".

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